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Catedral (PRS 21-1) Cloister

We went into the cloister to see some of the original 12th century French architecture. The first thing you notice are rejas, ironwork fashioned from the chains of Christian prisoners liberated after being captured in a 1212 battle.
Next were the three kings


This is the dining hall for monks and pilgrims.
Each of the roof supports had a different design such as this


This is the Tympanum of the death of the Virgin from the 14th century. The doorway under is is called la Puerta Preciosa. It leads to the Roman ruins on which the cathedral was built.

Posted from Pamplona, Navarre, Spain.

Pamplona Catedral (PRS 21-1)

Susan and I attended Mass this morning and then spent over an hour in the Catedral. I have never seen such a place. The Mass was in Spanish with what seemed to be the new responses. The homily was under a minute, something unheard of in the States.

Here are some of the chapels and the central altar.


Detail of above. 20130404-220436.jpg


This is the renaissance choir behind the main altar. It is difficult to photograph due to the ironwork surrounding the altar.

Here is St Antonio Abad and his iconic pig from chapel one,



and the Pieta from chapel 220130404-160615.jpg

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