Day 5 – Estella – 9 April

We had breakfast at the hotel and went over the bridge to the Palace de los Reyes de Navarre (PRS-25-1). I photographed the capital with the battle of Roland 20130409-201631.jpg
Unfortunately you will just have to wait for the capital with the deadly sins of lust, avarice, and sloth. Those pictures are locked in my camera until I get to a place with a public computer (thank you Apple for making the camera kit work only with iPads)

At 10 AM we returned to visit the Iglesia de San Pedro de la Rua (PRS-25-3), a 12/13th century fortified church. Did I already mention that towns are all built on fills with lots of steps? Here is the view from afar showing the three phases of construction. 20130409-200134.jpg

Once inside you are greeted by Santiago Perigrino. 20130409-202425.jpg
The next shots are inside the church.
This is the Baptismal Font20130410-173717.jpg

CLOISTER: in 1572 the Zalatambor Castle was blown up to confirm the absorption of Navarra into Spain. When this happened a lot of the beautiful cloister was destroyed by large chunks of rock falling down. What remains are capitals from 1175 which are amazing. Here are pix from the Cloister. 20130410-174231.jpg20130410-174211.jpg20130410-174244.jpg20130410-174259.jpg20130410-174325.jpg20130410-174312.jpg20130410-174155.jpg
Finally we visited San Miguel (PRS-25-10) which was conveniently across from our hotel. It was not open but the entrance is completely amazing. The north portal is the work of a single sculptor around 1170, although the 8 apostles are a bit earlier. Here is the door and lots of the details around it. 20130410-175149.jpg20130410-175159.jpg20130410-175208.jpg





We then went for an early dinner and 7:30 pm mass at San Miguel, which was in a small extra chapel, so we didn’t see the inside.

Posted from Estella, Navarre, Spain.