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Lake Louise Hike with Lila 10/12/16

The scenery here is fabulous. The first order of business in the morning was a walk with Lila near the parking lot of our hotel. I tried a selfie with her which was not real successful, but also shot some of the mountains here.


Aafter breakfast, we headed up to Lake Louise and hiked around. It is very beautiful.

img_4613 img_4609 img_4617

As we walked around, Lila seemed a little cold so we tried on her socks. These lasted only a few minutes before she kicked them off.


The Canadian Pacific Railroad built hotels in the late 1800’s  The one we are familiar with is the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec  At Lake Louise, it is the Chateau Lake Louise.  Both are now oar of the Fairmont chain.


As we continued on the walk, we carried her a little and actually put her inside my coat when we got down by the glacier end of the lake, where the balmy 25°F went down to around 15°.

img_0029 img_0030 img_0031

We then returned to the room, walked her some more and then left her in the room while we had a nice lunch at Bill Peyto’s Café, across the road from our hotel. Very good food and beer. Not touristy at all. It is in the same building as a hostel.

We then came back and did laundry and relaxed.

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