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Eden Valley Guest Ranch Near Oroville, WA – 10/17/16

We spent the day here at or near the ranch. Here are pictures of the lodge from our cabin and our cabin itself.

img_4664 img_4672

After breakfast, we went on a hike for a couple of hours with Lila. We are over 3000 feet up here, so we gave ourselves a bit of extra time, although Lila remained full of energy.


The path went past an old homestead, its root cellar, and its dug well which is granite lined.



In the afternoon, we took Lila down toward the lodge and played fetch with her for a very long time. I am not sure it tires her out or not but it was fun for all. We then went to the town of Molson, WA, which is 3700 feet up and at 48.97 degrees North, very close to Canada. It had been a railroad-based boom town around the turn of the 20th century. They have a set of old buildings set up as a ghost town which was interesting. They now are listed as population 35.

img_4675 img_4676 img_4677 img_4679 img_4680

There were also two beautiful lakes in Molson, which was founded by people from Quebec, not sure if it relates to the beer family


Relaxing dinner this evening and then off toward central Washington wineries and the


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