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Second long car ride in preparation

I neglected to take any pictures, but on Friday, we braved the worst of the Boston rush hour to go to John and Vicki Burns’s house on Cape Cod. Best of all cases it would be three hours, but took close to four, with jams in the Big Dig and others as far south as Plymouth. Lila was, as always, great, and we arrived around 6 PM. It was a very rainy weekend. We had dinner and talked Friday night, and on Saturday largely stayed inside, except to walk you know who. In the afternoon, we played Mexican Train, using close to the printed rules. Vicki won. In the evening, we went to a Raytheon Employees Associat dinner in a North Falmouth, and had a good time talking with John and Vicki and also Paul Lascari and Melanie.

This morning we headed North and ran into traffic on route 3 and the Big Dig, but got home in 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Vicki absolutely loves Lila and offered babysitting services if we ever need them. I am sorry I didn’t get a picture of the two of them snuggling.

Tomorrow we prep and get ready to try to leave early on a Susan’s birthday for a Quebec City.
Vicki took a few pictures which I include below

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