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Through Manitoba and into Saskatchewan – 10/9/16

O pictures today. We went all the way through Manitoba and into Moosomin Saskatchewan. We are just relaxing this afternoon and will probably just boringly eat in the room.

The Motel 6 in Moosomin is brand new and beautifully engineered.  Places for everything with plenty of space for people.  Impressive!

Lila has ceased using the car seat for any length of time. As soon as we get moving, she jumps into the back seat and relaxes on a towel in the back seat.

The Rogue gets over 400 miles per tank. Tomorrow we leave for Medicine Hat, Alberta and may have to fill up on the way. At least gas is “cheap” here at 99 Canadian cents per liter.

We will get to Lake Louise in Banff National Park on Tuesday and are planning on staying at least three days.

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